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Bret Jones Review -MarketingBoost

Rating 5.0
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My name’s Bret Jones with New Vision Auto Glass,

Bret Jones

We do windshield replacements and repairs. We’ve used the marketing boost instead of cash incentives. We’ve been giving that out as an alternative.

We’ve also ran some really successful lead ads which we followed up with and converted and to ourselves for our business also. So far, with marketing boost, we’ve been able to put over one hundred fifty thousand dollars back into our business that we would have paid out with rebates so severely affected our bottom line for the better.
And if you were to add up the total gross sales from the marketing incentives we’ve given out, it would equate to a little bit over half a million dollars having the additional capital that we’ve had in our business and we’ve been able to scale up and obviously make more money as a result of that.

So I’ve had a lot more options. You know, having the money readily available instead of giving it to our customers and for the small investment and to marketing boost those.

Woolworth. I’d say give it a shot. And if you follow the training and all the advice they have for you, it will absolutely work.