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JamesT Review – Marketing Boost

Rating 5.0
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Hi my name JamesT
So my main passion is helping people who were in my position a couple of years ago. Depressed, anxious and suicidal and had pretty much given up on life.

But my main focus at the moment is affiliate marketing. And I love affiliate marketing because it allows me to build passive income streams, which then allows me to give back and help and do my true passion.

So using market based incentives are absolutely exploded, my sales and business in the affiliate market. And so it’s allowed me to increase my revenue by over $80000 and it’s allowed me to give back where

I care about the most. And I was originally given the vacations away for high ticket items. So when someone bought like a thousand dollar course or something like that, I’d give the incentives away for the purchase.

But when you’re dealing with membership based products where there’s not such a high barrier to entry, $50, $60, if you start giving away vacation incentives on that low barrier, it kind of sets off alarm bells and people think that it’s a scam so they don’t buy.

So gamified that and incentivize people through competitions. So you don’t just automatically get the vacation when you sign up, you are entered into a competition for a chance to win the giveaway.

And that like is a lot more believable. So a lot more people get involved in that. And I’ve also gamified it.

So the more times that you share it with your friends, you share it on Facebook, you share on WhatsApp, on email, each time you bring one more person and you get one more entry to the weekly or the monthly competition that’s run it.

It’s absolutely skyrocketed to sales. I’d say at least a 40 percent increase in sales since I started using my condition.

So it’s affected my lifestyle quite a lot. Up until a couple of years ago, I hadn’t even left the country in 10 years. It’s allowed me to increase my revenue exponentially.

I’ve actually packed up all of my stuff. A couple of months ago, I just became a digital nomad traveling around the world from place to place. And so, yeah, that’s helped me and changed my lifestyle a lot.

Jump in and get involved as soon as possible, because it’s an absolutely amazing opportunity. It’s legitimate. And the guys behind it are the front of center of the company. They’re very reachable.

They’re not it’s not a faceless corporation where people are hiding behind the scenes. It’s a legitimate company with a legitimate incentive giveaways. And you can even try them yourself as well as they work for any industry. If you have a bit of creativity and imagination, then you can use them in any industry available.

It’s absolutely amazing how you can use the different incentives and gamify them and get people to get involved with them by using other incentives as well.

JamesT Review -  Marketing Boost