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Javier Rodriguez Review – Marketing Boost

Rating 5.0
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My name is Javier Rodriguez. I’m from Southern California and I’m in the life insurance industry. Marketing has helped us tremendously in three key areas. Number one, acquiring new clients.

Number two, and retaining existing clients, which is very important. And my favorite number three is by far generating referrals as well. And I know for myself within a little over the last twelve months, I’ve seen an increase of over one hundred thousand dollars in income just from the leveraging of this product.

One of the things that marketing boost has helped us do is recognize members in our community that we call heroes, whether it be a teachers, whether it be police officers and other members of the community that we are able to reward for their sacrifices, their service by giving away these cases to them as well.

And I think that we can get a lot further when we lead by giving versus lead by asking. And that’s what marketing boost literally allows you to do, to go in there and lead by just simply giving back. And it’s amazing how the more you give, the more you can receive as well.

When I first came across marketing boost myself, I thought it was almost too good to be true. And so both my wife and I did.

We redeemed one of the certificates ourselves to Cancun, jumped in the plane, came and checked it out, and did our due diligence to find out that it was the real deal.

Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez