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TaylorM Review – Marketing Boost

Rating 5.0
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My Name TaylorM , I am from West Palm Beach, Florida, and the owner of local dynes dot com. It’s an e-commerce site that in business for 18 years and I took a look at marketing boost as a way to incentivize my current customers to spend more on my Web site.

Here’s what they did. First, I did my due diligence on this company and made sure that everything was legit. I looked at their Facebook page. I found nothing wrong and only awesome things.

The fact that the owners weren’t talking and, you know, it wasn’t just a faceless company that I really, really liked now. And then on April 8, 2018, I put out a promotion on my e-mail list and I said anybody that spends one hundred dollars more will receive a complimentary six day, five night luxury resort hotel stay and take food in 48 hours. We had done nine thousand dollars sales.

That normally we probably would have done maybe 15 or so words that I was able to make payroll many times over. And then I did it again in May with the Las Vegas Strip. And then I didn’t get it, though, in November with another one of their products.

I know that if we’re having a bad month, but all I have to is put is in a promotion. And like I said, I could make people I that’s the stress off. I could not be happier with. The results are getting a boost.

I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s amazing.

TaylorM Review - Marketing Boost